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Our Telecom Services

Telecom Data Analytics

Our Data Analytics and Business Intelligence solutions have multiple applications and use cases across the telecommunication industry by using telecom data to customize visualizations and dashboarding, which provides crucial insight and analysis through multiple parts of the network.

AI for Telecom

AI is revolutionizing telecom as the need of MNOs to automate human processes grows stronger by the day, for that we implement AI technologies and Machine Learning Models to create value for MNOs and optimize their costs.

Data Engineering

Telecommunication networks generate a massive amount of data that needs to be managed and efficiently stored, and that’s why our data engineering services exist. By Implementing big data technologies and engineering solutions we pave the ground for advanced Analytics and AI solutions.

Our Telecom Products

RAN Intelligent Analytics

An Intelligent Solution that leverages AI and machine learning to provide insight and operate on Radio Access Networks in a complex multi-vendor and multi-technology environment.

Microwave Intelligent Analytics

A Vendor agnostic Tool Powered by AI in order to promote Microwave Networks Intelligence and provide CSPs with insight and advanced management features over their network.​

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