RAN Intelligent Analytics

An AI-powered Tool to Leverage Radio Access Networks Intelligence 

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Why RIA ?

5G networks demand new solutions with a greater degree of automation that supports a wider range of use cases. It’s clear that the conventional tools available nowadays are not sufficient to address the new challenges and demands: increased complexity, a mix of virtualization and physical workloads, increased network density, and advanced networks solutions and systems, Increased demands for multi-vendor support and openness. 

We at brAIneous, believe that there is an unprecedented need to call for a change and empower RAN transformation and intelligent automation. These beliefs were the driver of our RIA project, initiated by our team, to design a tool that leverages AI/ML solutions in order to: 

  • Maximize business potential, rationalize network investments, and capture new revenue streams brought by the 5G technology. 
  • Support Performance leadership and offer superior user experience through a user-centric approach. 
  • Maximize Operational Potential and Reduce Network Complexity. 

About RIA

« RAN Intelligent Analytics – RIA » Tool consists of four main interconnected components, 

  • A Network Model, a real-time view of the network configuration, and KPI data visualizations deriving insight over the network 
  • Forecasting, to forecast multiple metrics that enable data driven decisions (Traffic, Capacity, User Churn, etc.) 
  • Simulation, to simulate the impact of network changes over those metrics, as well as minimizing human error. 
  • Network Optimization/Automation to automate the optimization process and provide predictive maintenance to support higher efficiency and a zero-touch network. 

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