Microwave Intelligent Analytics

An AI-powered Tool to Leverage Microwave Networks Intelligence 

Why MIA ?

With 4G and its successor technologies, the management of mobile network backhaul became a challenge for CSPs (Communication Services Providers), especially in multi-vendor, multi-technology backhauling system. The main concerns of those CSPs are how to maximize the return of their CAPEX, optimize their OPEX while insuring the best performance and capacity requirements. 

We at brAIneous, believe that there is an unprecedented need to call for a change and empower Backhaul transformation and intelligent automation. These beliefs were the driver of our MIA project, initiated by our team, to design a tool that leverages AI/ML solutions in order to: 

  • Ensure global and unified view of the transport network, by building end-to-end topology and updating it, following each change or update on the network. 
  • Maximize business potential and rationalize investments 
  • Support Performance leadership and offer superior user experience through a user-centric approach. 
  • Track automatically the change on the network. 
  • Recommend optimization actions and expansion solutions based on network transport challenges and evolutions. 
  • Maximize operational potential and reduce Backhaul complexity. 

About MIA

« Microwave Intelligent Analytics – MIA » Tool consists of the following main components: 

  • A Backhaul system model and insight, having real-time view of E2E topology, configuration, and transport KPIs data visualizations.
  • Change management, to track the change over the network and highlight the risks.
  • Forecasting multiple backhaul system metrics that enable data driven decisions (Current and future OPEX forecasting, Capacity and transport utilization, etc.)
  • Simulation of the impact of the changes over those metrics, as well as minimizing human error.
  • Network Optimization/Automation to automate the optimization process and provide predictive maintenance to support higher efficiency and leveraging a zero-touch network.

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